We are
Circles Colab.

Unlocking the best version of your brand

What if there's an aspect of your brand that you’ve never thought of?
An element that’s maybe hidden in plain sight, but that could be the key to unlocking a secret superpower of your brand?

It might be a media idea.
Might be a strategic idea.
Might be a creative idea.

The reason we call ourselves Circles is because we can operate between
all of those Circles of expertise.

We speak Strategy & Creative
We’ve been doing world-traveling ideas for some years now. And not just once.

We speak Media & Social
With a focus on being platform relevant
(right platforms, right formats) & user relevant
(right audiences, custom creative).

We speak Film & Content
Working with the most talented, up and coming Romanian directors and production teams.

We speak Tech & Experiential
Like sensor-based technology, VR & AR graphics or 3D modelling.

We speak Celebrity & Influencer marketing


So whatever Circle of expertise you’re looking for, let us know.

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The Team

Our Clients

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